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And the Mountains Echoed - Khaled Hosseini

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  1. Two siblings who have been seperated during their youth
  2. Chapter 4

And the Mountains Echoed is the third novel of the Afghan-American author Khaled Hosseini, which was published in English on May 21st, 2013. The novel deals with a family drama and spans over fifty years and four generations. And the Mountains Echoed is made up of nine chapters, each with a different narrative voice.

The book mainly deals with two siblings who have been seperated during their youth : after Abdullah and Pari's mother passes away and their father marries his second wife, the relationship between the two siblings gets even closer as they only have each other to depend on. Unfortunately, as Saboor, the father faces critical financial problems, he is convinced that selling his daughter Pari to a family which cannot have children of their own is the best idea to help his family. After the civil war and the Taliban era, the two siblings are not even able to hear about each other, as Abdullah moves to California while Pari starts a living in Paris.

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