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Review of Bill Clinton's book "My life"

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This document presents the review and description of Bill Clinton's book My life. The author William ?Bill? J. Clinton is an American politician, governor of Arkansas and was the democratic president of the United States of America from 1993 to 2001. This work is an autobiography, in which he tries to explain his professional path, ideals and the education that he received. It was published in June 2004, a few months before the presidential elections. The former American president then made a return on the political scene in order to support the candidate of his party, and benefited from it to combine electoral campaign and promotion of its work.

Consequently, his book received critical acclaim and public acknowledgment. The book was declared the third best seller by When questioned about his book's contents and message, Bill Clinton said ?hopefully mine will be interesting and coil-serving.?
In 1974, Clinton, a law professor at the University of Arkansas campaigned for the House of Representatives, but defeated the Republican candidate with 52% of the votes. Two years later, he was finally elected as the Attorney General of Arkansas without a real challenge to the opposition.

In 1978, Clinton was the elected governor of that state, the youngest to hold such a position since 1938. The trend was reversed in 1982 when he regained his post as governor and was held until 1992. During the decade, he transformed the economy of Arkansas. Meanwhile, he became one of the major figures of the New Democratic Party, which advocated reforms similar to those of Reagan, as the reduction of state intervention in social affairs. His behavior calmed reformist criticism from conservatives. In those years the author retained the "politicking" and the various maneuvers conservatives to curb his political career.

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