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Review of the Rabbits who caused all the trouble by James Thurber in Fables of your times

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  1. About the Many Events Which Happened in the Course of the Story
  2. The Attitudes of the Different Animals
  3. James Thurber's Choice

The text we are going to study is entitled ?The Rabbits who caused all the trouble?. It is an extract from ?Fables of your times? written by James Thurber in 1940. The main characters of this text are the rabbits and the wolves. However, there are other animals involved in the story. The precise place where the story takes place is not mentioned, but we can assume that the scene takes place in a forest or a wood.

Tags: The rabbits who caused all the trouble; Fables of your time, James Thurber

[...] The wolves pretended that they wanted to protect the rabbits from their own danger, whereas in reality they wanted to get rid of them. One day, the other animals wondered where the rabbits were because they had not seen them for a long time. The wolves replied that the rabbits had been eaten, because they did not want the other animals to intervene. We will now focus on the direction James Thurber wanted to give to the text. In a fable, the readers need to look below the surface. [...]

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