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SELF: A Magazine at its Best

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  1. History and overview
  2. Audience, demographics, circulation, advertising
  3. Design and geography
  4. Common sections
  5. Points of excellence
  6. Beyond the magazine
  7. Ahead of the competition
  8. Critique
  9. Conclusion
  10. Bibliography

SELF is a monthly women's fitness and lifestyle magazine published by Condé Nast Publications. Founded in 1979, its mission statement declares that it is ?the first-ever magazine of total-well-being, incorporating beauty and health, fitness and nutrition, and happiness and personal style all in one package.? Deputy Editor Lauren Purcell stated in an email interview that ?SELF's goal is to cover [issues] in a particularly intelligent, knowing way.? Content covers everything the sophisticated, modern woman needs to improve her life, from fitness, health, and mental well-being, to beauty and fashion, to financial advice and careers.

[...] The magazine views its readers as capable of making important changes from within that will improve every aspect of her life.[12] This gives the reader of a SELF a greater sense of empowerment, something vital in today's society. SELF is well positioned against its competition because it covers a wide range of topics. Instead of buying two or three magazines, a woman need only buy one. Furthermore, the focus is on the woman herself making herself happy, not on pleasing others (particularly men). [...]

[...] Ever since SELF Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Penney, in collaboration with Evelyn Lauder (daughter of Estée Lauder), chose the Pink Ribbon to increase breast cancer awareness, SELF has continued to produce publications on the issue, including its award winning annual Breast Cancer Handbook.[9] The book offers candid advice on preventing and recognizing breast cancer and helping to find a cure. These many outlets help SELF maintain reader loyalty and gain new customers. A woman feels that she has many different forms of help from the magazine, and varying ways of using the resources to help her in her quest to improve herself and her life. [...]

[...] As the slogan at Your Best? claims, it strives to help a woman become the best she can be in all arenas, from finding the clothes that suit her figure, to keeping herself fit, to managing money. However, where SELF really sets itself apart is with its often groundbreaking health articles. Since its inception, SELF has been known for its well-researched articles on tough health issues, such as cancer, eating disorders, and addictions. The articles are often written by knowledgeable freelancers, such as award- winning science journalist Maryn McKenna who wrote February 2007's article on a deadly bacterial disease, CA-MRSA. [...]

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