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The Earle Perry Charlton Story

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  1. Introduction
  2. Earle Perry Charlton: An unbiased, demanding boss and owner
  3. Harlton: A great owner and boss
  4. A very hardworking and dedicated businessman
  5. The role of Charlton's characteristics in his success
  6. Kapstein's search for a job
  7. Earle P. Charlton: A philanthropist
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

The Earle Perry Charlton biography, the Charlton Story, is about one of America's greatest entrepreneurs, in the early 1900's. The book chronicles Charlton's life from birth to death, and explains in detail his business relationships and tactics. Overall the main topic of the book was how Charlton amassed an empire out of virtually nothing and how he became one of the five founders of the F.W. Woolworth Company.

[...] It's a very refreshing thing to hear of these days. Earle was a great man and he left an even greater legacy and that can be seen through the way his grandson, Earle (Chuck) Charlton II, is still giving to this day. Earle's Demandments? are an excellent guide to work by. They are good both in life and as a work ethic. I also feel that these demandments are still valid today. For example, don't tell your boss what you want to hear but what he should hear. [...]

[...] Kapstein saved Charlton a lot of time and money, and he solved many problems, that Earle didn't have time to take care of himself. After the merger Kapstein was to work as a buyer for one of the New York stores, but because of ?strong anti-Semitism? he wasn't hired for the job. However he did go on to manage one of the biggest stores in the chain, for eight years. That was until the district manager came down to see him and told him that the New York office had said that they didn't want a Jew running such a large store. [...]

[...] It is truly inspiring to see that he opens his first store at the age of twenty-six and becomes his own boss. That is a goal that I share with him. I would like to someday be my own boss, which is why I find the first chapter so inspirational. Earle didn't want to be a blacksmith; he wanted to own his own chain of stores. So to conclude and surmise, The Charlton Story, by Earle Perry Charlton II and George Winius was a book about how one man accomplished his [...]

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