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To Her Book written by Anne Bradstreet

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  1. Introduction
  2. Anne Bradstreet
  3. About the book
  4. Conclusion

In the poems, the author To Her Book written by Anne Bradstreet and Theme for English B, by Langston Hughes, the authors present their views about writing. This is done also through writing which is an effective medium of communication to the public. Their ideas require a critical understanding of the poem to derive the intended effect and meaning since they are artistic. The writers use various styles and approaches. However, Langston's poem is simple to understand as in is more open on what it is saying and how it says it. The use of the various modes of writing that achieve the same effect to the readers is very crucial in providing a ground for comparison purposes. This essay aptly examines how the poem the understanding and effectiveness of the poem in details.

Tone in poetry refers to the voice with which that the poem as portrayed by the persona. It deals with the perspective of the poet greatly. It is persona influenced, depending on the degree to which the author wants the message portrayed. In the two poems, the tones differ significantly. One can identify it by looking at various factors that govern them. This includes the author's choice of words to in trying to enhance the intended meaning. The imagery devices used also to a large extent contribute to achieving this effect. Likewise, the use of sound devices is crucial in meeting this expectation. On one, hand, the poem by Bradstreet has an embarrassing tone. This becomes evident by the fact that she admits of blushing a lot. She makes this clear when she says that on her return, she often blushes much (line 7). This is elaborate in enhancing the identification of how she perceived even her own character and weakness. She is not for the situations, but she rather finds herself in the motion involuntarily.

[...] Being a poet, Baron writes from a perceptive entirely diverse from his own. In the poem, he takes the voice and actions of the machine controller or driver. From the first paragraph, he says, tried to tease the old Chev into greeting?. He tries to start the engine, but the morning seems too pessimistic. Secondly, in the second stanza he describes how he pressed on the gas pedal putting on the engine. From this, it apparent that the poet had taken the place of a driver, he describes how he waited patiently for the engine to roar. [...]

[...] Furthermore, he explains to the audience that life is always unwilling, and one must struggle to achieve success. From the poem, it's evident that the persona is passing a hope message to the audience. He tries to encourage them, confirming to them that no matter how stormy the road may be, extra effort may light up the whole issue. Variously, he insists that personal failure or negligence may lead to suffering and challenges in the future. He highlights that his failure to charge his car battery lead to the morning misery. [...]

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