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The centurion of Capernaum- Synopsis of the Four Gospels

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  1. Introduction
  2. Synopsis of the Four Gospels
  3. The centurion of Capernaum
  4. Redaction criticism
  5. Conclusion

The centurion of Capernaum is a story of a man who was highly regarded in Capernaum who went to Christ Jesus to request him to heal his servant who was sick and also of a leprous man who received healing. (Mathew 8:5-13, Mark 1: 40-45, Luke 5:12-16, 7:1-18). On the other hand, the story of passing away and restoration of Jesus is reflected in the gospels, Mathew 28:1-10, Mark 16:1-8, and Luke 24:1-12.

The stories are brought out differently in the different books of the gospel. Mathew focuses on the centurion man who despite his high position humbled himself and chooses to believe in the power of Jesus. He pleaded for healing on behalf of his servant. Apart from the faith that, the centurion had, the chapter also brings out the humble nature of the centurion (Matt.8.5-13). A significant difference is the fact that, in Mathew, the centurion man is depicted to have personally approached Jesus, while, in Luke, the centurion is said to have sent the elders of the Jews to present his requests to Jesus (Luke 5.12-16, 7.1-18).

[...] In Mathew, the story of the centurion is recorded from the context of the healing of a leprous man after he came down from the mountain(Matt - 13). In Luke, it is recorded from a context of Jesus giving his teachings to crowds of people before he entered Capernaum. The women at the tomb and the guard at the tomb story is told from a context of the women preparing spices to be used on the body of Jesus in the book of Luke. [...]

[...] The passages bring out the aspect of the miracles that Jesus performed while on earth. The fact that Jesus resurrected is a miracle in itself because it is not a usual occurrence for people to resurrect from death. The miraculous healing of the centurion's servant just by Jesus uttering a word is in itself astounding. The stories can, therefore, be generally classified as miracle stories. Original sources of the book of Mathew were in Hebrew language while Luke was originally written in Greek. [...]

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