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The Dark Virgins

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For ages now, the great Rache tribe has cursed the dwellers of Raginpoo forest.
Whenever there's a commotion or a calamity in the village, they would blame the Raginpoo people right away without even knowing the truth about the said people. One day, Reug and Delash, the two sons of the wise banshee De'lilita, were sent out to look for some Igpal, a medicinal herb needed in the ceremony to cure their mother Preushka's disease.

No one knew what the disease was. Not even Samran, the wisest among the tribe. It was said that Preushka has wandered the mythical forest of Raginpoo for five straight days last summer. When she came back to the village, she was all nauseous, pale, with her upper limbs either deformed or dislocated from her body.

Reug was in his late teens. On the other hand, Delash was only nine. Both of them were armed with combating skills that their father meticulously taught them. De'lilita recognized that Reug was strong, but to him, Delash has always been wiser. ?Reug, we should go this way,? Delash ranted while pointing towards the direction opposite to where Reug was heading. However, Reug paid no attention to what his little brother was suggesting him. ?I said we should go that way!? now lunging as if he were the older one.

[...] Get up here quick. You know what to do right?? In synchrony, all of the women giggled in a very sensual and provocative way. From afar, though it was a bit dark already, Delash saw his brother arguing to himself while climbing up the big old tree. Displeased from what he's seeing, he took out his slingshot and aimed towards Reug, not to hit him in any manner, but to give him a warning. *** Preushka was sweating all over. [...]

[...] He was so sure of his steps until he saw what appeared to be a group of bare, voluptuous, young women coquettishly sitting on top of the branches of the tree. He froze from his motion. ?Hey! You? up there? Do you need help?? he asked them expecting some favorable answer in return. One of the ladies faced him, beamed a quick one, and said, ?Do we look like we need some help?? Then another one turned to his direction and said, ?Perhaps you're the one who needs help. [...]

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