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Dead poet’s society

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  1. Introduction
  2. John Keating
  3. Description and analysis
  4. Conclusion

The main characters are John Keating, played by Robin Williams who is the English teacher of the Welton Academy. This academy is a kind of High School for rich boys only. There are no girls in there. There is also a boy named Neil Perry. He is seventeen years old, like all of his friends. He has a lot of pressure to handle from his father. He wants him to become a doctor but the boy wants to become an actor. He never told his father about that, he always does what he wants and he doesn't give his opinion.

His roommate is Todd Anderson. He's a very shy guy, he doesn't talk to others easily, but he has a real talent at writing poetry.
There is also Knox Overstreet who is a normal student that fell in love with a girl named Chris. There is also four other guys in this particular group of friends. Charlie Dalton also known as Nuwanda, Richard Cameron, Steven Meeks, and Gerard Pitts.
All these guys are part of a secret society called the: ?Dead Poet's Society?.

The movie begins at the beginning of the year, all the students and their parents are sitting in a big room and the director of the school is talking about the four pillars of the academy, Tradition, Honor, Discipline, and Excellence. That leaves no place for originality. Then, the students go to their rooms and Neil meets his roommate Todd. The other boys I named before also enter the room to have a cigarette and to talk with Neil. At the same moment, Neil's father, Mr. Perry, comes in and tells Neil to drop an extracurricular activity because he need time to study to become a doctor. Of course, Neil wasn't okay with that but he said yes because he had no choice.

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