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Holmes Rolston versus Robin Attfield ideas

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  1. Abstract
  2. Holmes Rolston
  3. Robin Attfield
  4. Holmes Rolston versus Robin Attfield ideas
  5. Conclusion

One UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights (1948) state: "All States and all people shall cooperate in the essential task of eradicating poverty as an indispensable requirement." Holmes argues that it is sometimes good to let people die in order to serve the nature. He argues that food should come first according to the values instilled to Christians from the biblical teaching. He quotes various verses of the Bible verse that states, "they shall not hunger any more, neither thirst any more? (Revelations 7.16) and ?Give us this day our Daily bread? (Matthew 5.11).

This supports that according to the Christians Human beings should be fed first regardless of the effects on the nature. He claims that neither do the Ten Commandments, cultural values nor the golden rules which teaches that we always feed the poor first. One of the indispensable requirements according to this principle should be the eradication's of the poverty. He argues that Christians spend money on things that are not basic needs but luxury and secondary needs. They included paying fees for education, buying gifts for each other and buying luxurious cars. He claims this money can be given to the poor to help in the eradication of poverty (Rolmes, 1998).

[...] Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Attfield, R. (2003). Environmental ethics: An overview for the twenty-first century. Cambridge [u.a.: Polity. Attfield, R. (1991). The ethics of environmental concern. [...]

[...] The population has escalated in the last few years. He argues that people should give birth to two or three children. This will prevent pressuring the nature while sustaining human beings in the near future. This does not fully adhere to this principle. On the other hand, Attfield rejects Holmes idea that nature can be sacrificed when the development takes place. He argues that we cannot say we are developing when the nature succumbs. He says that healthy development takes place where the activities involving it do not interfere with how the environment functions. [...]

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