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Self-generated persuasion

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  1. Introduction
  2. About Adam
  3. Self-generated persuasion
  4. Description and analysis
  5. Conclusion

When looked back to the second character, a man of medium build dressed in a modest suit. He lifted a small glass of red wine, which disappeared behind a shadow fallen across his face. Adam cast his eyes away, unsure if the man was looking at him. Instead, he observed two women who had entered the room. Adam imagined himself dancing across the floor, spinning the brunette in a twirl, still staying to the beat. She was laughing, enjoying herself, as he spun her faster, and smiled.

Adam shook his head, pulling back to reality. He couldn't dance. Adam was never a dancer. Why, he had never been much of anything. He was the man who barely survived childhood. When he was a teen, he was picked last for kickball. Kids threw paper planes and laughed at him. Girls frowned and looked at him with disgust. He spent Friday nights alone, as he had no friends. Instead, he spent hours playing Runescape and eating Lays Potato Chips.

[...] Adam mustered a grin. He'd be the next star on the Forty-Year-Old- Virgin. He was twenty-five, a man not incapacitated by looks, but by confidence. He never had the courage to stand up to those bullies on the playground, to talk to girls, to learn how to dance. He was a skinny man, with a light, chocolate complexion. It had withered under the lights of computer pixels as he developed characters online. Those characters were popular, rose to the top. [...]

[...] You set yourself There was a silence. Adam looked at him with confusion and anger. Obviously Hitch wasn't the man Adam thought he was. ?Persuasion,? Hitch said, pacing the room, a delicate art. It requires cunning words, emphasis, relation, and style. Politicians use it, I use it, everyone uses it. But the hardest form of persuasion is when one persuades himself.? There was another pause as Adam listened. ?I'm being investigated under charges of robbery! Are you saying I persuaded myself to rob that Hitch laughed, a sinister laugh. [...]

[...] Is there no other option? Hitch stood up, and wiped a tear from Adam's cheek. ?Call me when you decide,? and left him alone. Adam sniffled, and decided to head home. The next day, Hitch's phone rang. He picked it up, and said, ?this is Hitch.? ?It's Adam. Let's do Hitch smiled. ?Meet me at my house in five.? The plan was simple. In Wells Fargo, any disturbance in the bank resulted in the money being taken out of the cash register and placed in the vault. [...]

[...] paused before entering the bank. You could've decided to bail. But you didn't. You persuaded yourself that you needed the money, and you entered the bank.? Hitch paused, sneering at Adam. you had this momentary conflict, I assume, over who I was. You didn't know who to trust. But Ligita had stolen your money. And you persuaded yourself that I was helping you get it back.? didn't want to commit robbery,? sniffled Adam, his face still covered. you were scared. [...]

[...] Birthday presents cost money. In other words, women cost money.? Adam frowned. make it sound like they're objects or something.? Hitch's jaws clenched. ?They're not objects, necessarily, but you must recognize that an investment in girls has a return of loss. You are just as poor as I am?we can't afford women.? Adam didn't respond. He wasn't sure what to say, nor to think. They were poor?being an art major didn't exactly rake in the dough. And Hitch wasn't much better off either. [...]

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