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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, first published in 1865

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  1. Qui est Lewis Carroll ?
    1. Eléments biographiques
    2. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson et Lewis Carroll : l'enfant artiste
    3. Dodgson et les petites filles
    4. Alice Liddell
    5. La genèse du Pays des Merveilles
  2. Le Pays des Merveilles
    1. Le contexte social du Pays des Merveilles
    2. Qui est Alice ?
  3. Les questions de signification et de non-sens
    1. Alice grandit
    2. Dodgson et la question de la signification

In 1843, the Reverend Charles Dodgson was asked to minister the parish of Croft on Tees in North Yorkshire. The family of Reverend Charles relocated along with him to North Yorkshire. The relocation proved fruitful and happiness swelled their way when a new entrant to the family was announced. Indeed, Mrs. Dodgson gave birth to another son (the eleventh child). Reverend Dodgson and his wife propagated unity in the family and therefore, it was expected that the children were to be a close-knit family throughout their destined lives. One of their odd shared characteristic was a chronic stammer. Reverend Charles himself had to battle with a stammer all his life. In 1844, the eldest son of the Dodsgon family, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson resumed his school education. His initial schooling was at Richmond School which was ten miles from home. Two years hence, he joined an archetypal nineteenth century public school named Rugby. This school was further away from "home and happiness". The environment at the school was uncongenial as it was dominated by the all male sport culture. Inspite of this hostile atmosphere, Charles secured good marks in almost every subject. He finally took up residency in 1851 at Christ Church, Oxford. This was his father's college, and soon he found himself under the patronage of his father's mentor Dr Pusey. The mentor Dr Pusey wrote to Charles's father commending his son's uniform, steady and good conduct. Thereafter, young Charles went on to follow his father's steps. Like his father, Charles read classics and mathematics and stood first in mathematics. And once again history repeated, when Charles ended his studentship with the expectation of going into church ministry. Although Charles was ordained in 1861, he did not proceed into church ministry. Nevertheless, Christ Church, Oxford, was going to be his home for the rest of his life.

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