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The Cherry Orchard - Anton Chekhov: people's behavior change

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  1. Lopahin and Gayev's roles and status in The Cherry Orchard
  2. Lopahin's transition between the beginning and the end of this story
  3. Gayev's changes during the story

Never has there been a subject that has aroused as much discussion as people's behavior change. "The Cherry Orchard" is a comedy written in 1904 by the Russian Anton Chekhov. The plot is focused around Madame Lyubov Ranevsky, a Russian woman, her family and their estate. The main theme of this story is the change and through four acts Chekhov mainly describes the ability of protagonists to modify their behaviors and their involvements to save or not their property.
This paper will explain first of all Lopahin and Gayev's roles and status within this play. Before turning to Gayev's change, this essay will deeply focus on Lopahin transition between the beginning and the end of this story.

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