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Death of a salesman

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  1. 'Death of a salesman' a tragedy.
  2. Characteristic flaw in Willy Lohman.
  3. Definition of a man's success for Willy.
  4. Willy's suicide.
  5. Conclusion.

Tragedy is defined in literature as ?the fall of a worthy, usually noble hero or heroine? and would rely basically on a protagonist who started in a high status in society and would eventually have a downfall as the story progresses ("Tragedy."). Traditional tragedy is composed of heroes or heroines that are given unexpected fate. Plots of tragedies would reveal that the hero or heroine of the story would try to resist this unexpected fate but eventually would yield to it. The gods would traditionally determine these fate or destiny in classic Greek literatures. But in modern times and in modern settings, the destiny and fate in the tragic story would be determined by characteristics, which are inherent in the hero or heroine of the story, or by the different influences of the environment or the society in which the hero belongs to. In tragedies, heroes and heroines would usually try to fight the fate that was dealt them and would struggle to become successful in life by achieving their set goals.

[...] However, near the end of the story, Biff, who wanted to please his father, tried to have a good job but was not accepted. Willy, who has been fired that same day, and who found out the once again failed attempt of Biff to get a job became so distressed in the end because of the misfortunes that had happened to him. This eventually boiled down to Willy committing suicide. All the events that developed and all the factors in the play show that this play is indeed a tragedy. [...]

[...] His boss, Frank Wagner, died before fulfilling the promise to Willy of promoting him to another job and thus Willy was forced to become a road salesman for a very long time till he was ultimately fired. The same son of his boss that he helped named fired Willy from his job. Howard Wagner, who was Frank's son, was more focused on technological advancements and did not like how Willy always keep on bringing about the past practices of salesmen and how it was charm and being liked by customers that are the important factors in being a successful salesman. [...]

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