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  1. Introduction
  2. The characters of The Sun Also Rises
    1. Jake Barnes: a direct inspiration of Hemingway himself
    2. Cohn: An almost detestable character
    3. Jake's desperate love for Brett
  3. The important role that sex plays
  4. Characters that may be viewed as transparent
  5. The actions of the characters showing who they really are
  6. Dick and Nicole Diver in Tender Is The Night
  7. Conclusion

The first essay is a short analysis of Ernest Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises". The second essay is a critical essay treating "Action is character?? F. S. Fitzgerald. The work is discussed in relation to "The Sun Also Rises" and "Tender Is The Night", and gives specific examples and quotes from both novels.

[...] And still, he does not say anything to Brett but entirely puts the blame on Robert Cohn. Cohn is another type of victim. One feels compassion for Mike, but Hemingway created in Cohn an almost detestable character. In essence he is not a bad man, he has been a scapegoat throughout his life, but it is difficult to feel compassion for him. As several characters observe it in the book, Cohn is useless, he is just sitting there and not adding anything to the conversation. [...]

[...] She is not satisfied with her life and thus tries to make up for its emptiness by wandering from man to man, trying to achieve a personal quest for love and happiness. Mike, Brett's future husband, might be considered to be the victim in the book. Brett likes him for sure, but obviously does not love him and keeps on being unfaithful to him. He on the other hand is crazy about her. To prove her his love and over all to keep her, he turns a blind eye on her affairs. [...]

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