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How to Start and Run a Small Book Publishing Company by Peter I. Hupalo

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  1. Introduction
  2. The book
    1. The begining of the book
    2. The pricing section
    3. The brief section on sales tax
    4. Methods of inventory accounting
    5. The next to last section: Record keeping
  3. Conclusion

The author of this book, Peter Hupalo, self-published his first book, Thinking Like An Entrepreneur in 1999, thus beginning his company, HCM Publishing. This book appears to be the second book he has self-published, though he does not mention how many books by other authors he has published. I found this book relatively educational in that I think it would be useful, though by no means comprehensive, for a new small publisher. It is very heavy on numbers, spending most of the book discussing how to make a profit, pricing, taxes, and accounting issues. Unfortunately, most of the non-number information is common sense and rather brief.

[...] Hupalo also highly recommends taking a double-entry accounting class in order to learn how to keep debits and credits ledgers. A small publisher should also record all other sources of income, even if they are totally unrelated to the business, in case of an IRS audit. The final section, entitled Holy Grail of Publishing? covers a range of financial aspects, including trademarks, copyrights, series, annuity valuation, how to estimate author advances and revenue streams, the importance of a backlist, and how to remainder books that perform really poorly in order to get a tax write-off. [...]

[...] He then recommends printing extra covers or jackets as promos and spares, and discusses the money-savings uses of using Pantone colors and tints of Pantones for a book cover. He also discusses other color issues, such as monitor calibration and color associations and meanings. Lastly, he tells how to get an ISBN and bar code for a book. The next-to-last section is on record keeping. Hupalo advises new publishers to keep all documents and organize them well. Computer records should be regularly backed up, and information from documents should be transferred to ledgers. [...]

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