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On Birds and Planes

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  1. A change in icons.
  2. The Age of Information.
  3. Hope for the old notion of an American hero can be restored.
  4. The effect of internet journalism on news.
  5. The End of Admiration.

In ?The End of Admiration: The Media and the Loss of Heroes? Peter H. Gibbon details his reasons as to why there is no longer a great American hero. Over the past few decades, the public has gone from hailing political leaders and champions of peace to idolizing pop icons instead. According to Gibbon, journalists and those in direction of the media are to blame for this change having taken place. Over the course of his article, originally given as a speech on the history of journalism, he highlights several instances that showcase exactly how ?the end of admiration? manifested in the media. Using specific examples and backing them with an appropriate tone directed at a wide audience, Gibbon presents a strong argument that the media is responsible for the current lack of an American hero.

[...] Sitcoms and even postage stamps have adapted to the American focus on celebrities and less noble characteristics over the past few decades. Gibbon quotes well-known reporter Roger Rosenblatt, who said, trade of journalism is sodden these days with practitioners who seem incapable of admiring others or anything? (240). Several other reporters and former presidential press secretary Pierre Salinger are also quoted to back Gibbon's claim that journalists were on a downward spiral in regards to their integrity and the quality of their work. [...]

[...] Biased opinion is, according to him, on the downfall and level reporting is starting to level out with the constant gossip. ?American journalism is still biased, but it is slowly becoming more balanced? (242). Consumers ultimately are making the decision to seek out accurate and admirable media, creating an opportunity for heroes to reemerge. ?Well-minded Americans? were leaning away from idolizing pop icons and going back toward admiring respectable qualities of national leaders and important figures in the press. The public is responsible for voicing what they really desire and make sure that the media outlets are all aware that quick, entertaining tidbits are simply not enough. [...]

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