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Sample College Entrance Essay That Was Successful

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  1. Introduction
  2. My desire to work in publishing
  3. The opportunity to tour England
  4. Conclusion

I've always had an odd love for language and literature. I am intrigued by words: the way they look on paper, the sounds they make when spoken, their countless meanings and connotations, the feelings they evoke. I'm fascinated by unusual syntax, which I like to experiment with in my poetry. It makes sense then that, for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a writer. I started writing short stories as a young child and even wrote a novella in junior high. When I was fourteen, I gave up fiction for poetry, which I have been writing ever since. I had several poems published in Bellerive, the literary journal of my undergraduate university. Also, my interest in fiction was renewed during my junior year in college when I took a short story writing class. Currently, I am writing poetry and short stories and developing a framework for a novel.

[...] I think that the writing workshops at Emerson will aid me in accomplishing that goal by helping me further develop my writing style and prepare my work for publication. Eventually, I would like to have a book of my poetry and possibly even a novel published. I'm also interested in learning more about electronic publishing, including the business aspects and technical implementation, which is something else I hope to accomplish at Emerson. Additionally, I am currently tutoring junior-level writing at my alma mater, which I feel is helping to prepare me for the possibility of a teaching assistantship at the Emerson, which I would love to participate in. [...]

[...] It was the best job I've ever had; I loved it. I actually got paid to do things I enjoyed?read, work with language and art, design layouts, and even work on new media such as e-books and CD-ROMs. While living in London, I had the opportunity to tour England on my time off from work. I saw Jane Austen's house in Bath, attended the Dickens Festival in Rochester, visited Wordsworth's house in Hampstead Heath, saw Romeo and Juliet at the Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, and paid homage to some of my favorite poets in Westminster Abbey. [...]

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