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The Trees: Jupiter and Mercury Destroy the City of Phrygia

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  1. Introduction
  2. Turning the town to ashes
  3. Baucis and Philemon
  4. Welcoming the guests
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works cited

Rife with evil, the town needed to be destroyed. Piety had built Phrygia, but gluttony, unfaithfulness, and greed had razed the now repugnant country. Disgusted by the drinking orgies, sexual perversions, and absence of worship, Jupiter and Mercury watched from the Heavens. Phrygia's time had come. Jupiter set out to destroy the city and all its people immediately, but Mercury, his son, held him back.

[...] Meanwhile, Baucis, hustling and bustling in the background, raked the coals from the ashes, kindled a fire, and fed it with the sheets from her and her husband's bed. It was full of holes. Jupiter stared agape at the hospitality and piety of Baucis and Philemon in the face of their poverty. Deception. It was all deception. Baucis and Philemon caught a glimpse of Jupiter and Mercury climbing the hill. Immediately, they assumed these two gentleman had money by their lavish garments, money that they desperately wanted. [...]

[...] As it was the easiest way, Jupiter prepared to grant Baucis and Philemon immortality. However, the trees by the couple's humble home caught Jupiter's attention. He remembered how endearing he found the trees to be, when they appeared interwoven together as if eternally in love. Inspired by this vision, Jupiter to make that image their fate. Suddenly, Baucis saw Philemon's hands transform into branches and leaves, and Philemon watched Baucis change similarly. Leafy crowns grew over their heads. They ran as quickly as they could away from this mysterious place where they had been transformed. [...]

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