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The Troubles With Banking: Implanting Submissiveness, Instilling Patriotism

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  1. Introduction
  2. Freire's argument in favor of problem posing
  3. The human mind: A weak instrument
  4. The stolidity from banking methods and Niebuhr's ?patriotism?
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works cited

Paulo Freire's ?problem-posing? instructional method in his essay ?The ?Banking' Concept of Education? is an essential educational technique. Freire's proposed approach to education not only calls for change in educational practices, it also holds greater sociopolitical implications. The anticipated result of Freire's educational concept is the empowerment of the minority class through reality-based instruction. And Freire's problem-posing concept is ultimately crucial for oppressed classes to achieve ?their ontological vocation to be more fully human? (Freire, 76).

[...] dreams have compounded a tempestuous passion? (Niebuhr, 157) In order for questions such as these to be regarded seriously and in turn for the minority classes to ?become more fully human,? educational practices must focus on students, and education must pose such problems to students as social power discrepancies, social injustice, and the reasons behind these realities. Freire in his writing poses similar problems. Take, for instance, the [...]

[...] The sociopolitical implications of Freire's essay are exemplified in Niebuhr's book Moral Man and Immoral Society. In his chapter titled Ethical Attitudes of Privileged Classes,? Niebuhr argues that, historically, the minds of the disadvantaged class have always been gathered and governed by the privileged: ?Since education is to this day both a tool of propaganda in the hands of the dominant groups, and a means of emancipation for subject classes, it is easy to understand both the hopes and the fears of the privileged classes when they first began to yield the privilege of education? (Niebuhr, 122). [...]

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