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The Magazine Press in Britain

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  1. Introduction
  2. An industry characterised by its dynamism and diversity
    1. A thriving sector
    2. A variety of publishers and publications
  3. An overview of the different types of magazines
    1. Women and men's magazines
    2. TV listings
    3. Customer magazines
  4. Conclusion: Limits and strong points of a competitive industry
  5. Bibliography

The British are often imagined as newspaper addicts impatiently waiting for the postman to deliver their paper on Sunday morning. Yet, it would be wrong to believe that they do not share a similar interest for the booming world of the magazine press. As we will see, the magazines sector in Britain is extremely dynamic and magazine readers are more and more numerous across the country. But before I begin explaining the dynamics and characteristics of the British magazine press, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that what we call ?magazines? doesn't only refer to the numerous ?consumer magazines? (that is to say ?magazines grand-public?) one is likely to find in every news stand! Magazines are in fact to be grouped into several distinctive categories which I will mention later on.
As you can see on the outline which I've handed out, I will first be focusing on the two main characteristics of the magazine press: its dynamism and the main actors of the magazine industry. To continue, I will present the different types of magazines and the leading titles on the market.

[...] FHM was a tremendous success in the 90's and Heat was the leading celebrity magazine in 2000. EMAP is also very active abroad and actually owns about 50 French Magazines including 20ans, Biba, Max, Science et Vie and of course FHM . EMAP used to publish the famous French magazine Elle, in collaboration with the Hachette Filipacchi Group, but Hachette broke-up the partnership and took back Elle, Elle Decoration and Elle Girl. EMAP is thus left with New Woman as the only major women's monthly magazine. [...]

[...] In comparison, The Spectator prints 10 times less copies! Customer Magazines Just a few words to mention what we refer to as ?customer? magazines These are clearly part of commercial and marketing strategies. The objectives of customer magazines can vary according to sector, and according to the needs of individual clients. They may include: providing product information for the reader where products and services may be complex, promoting customer loyalty and enhancing brand image. Amongst these publications we could mention High Life, which belongs to British Airways or BMW Magazine etc. [...]

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