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William Butler Yeats and Ezra Pound

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  1. Introduction
  2. The cottage in Sussex
  3. Ezra Pound's marriage Dorothy Shakespear
  4. The second winter
  5. Ezra Pound's pro axis beliefs
  6. Conclusion
  7. Works cited

In the second week of November 1913, William Butler Yeats and Ezra Pound arrived in Sussex for what would be a three-year stay at Stone Cottage. Yeats thought of the excursion as an ?experiment,? while Pound felt that it would ?not be in the least profitable? (Longenbach 37). Yeats was twenty years Pound's senior, and Pound became his secretary when the two poets decided to spend their winters in Stone Cottage. A friendship was formed.

[...] Both Pound and Yeats felt that Joyce was a good friend. He was strongly against authorities controlling avenues of public taste,? like Yeats, and like Pound, he opposed the economic and social systems of that time that ?forced the artist into silence.? In a letter Pound wrote to Joyce, he said that it was Yeats' personal opinion that Pound and Joyce would get along well as they had hate or two in common? (Longenbach 44). That same year, Ezra Pound married Dorothy Shakespear, the daughter of Yeats' friend Olivia Shakespear. [...]

[...] Her letters reminded Yeats and Pound how quickly the soldiers' lives could come to an end. Military orders came from the regiment for lights to be shut off after five o'clock in the evening. One night, against these regulations, Yeats and Pound went outside at midnight and started fencing, but to their disappointment, no authorities came to stop them. Later, the regiment came over the hill to Stone Cottage and drank the poets' cider. whole battle of artillery deployed for our benefit,? the poets said. [...]

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