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Existence and Absence of Individualism

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analyzing everyone's projects
  3. Making a film
  4. The film 'Memento'
  5. The different and diverse technologies of writing
  6. Digital text
  7. Conclusion
  8. Works cited

There are many ways you can define a human being; through the volume of their voice to their everyday habits. Another is handwriting and when looked at in detail it can be a definition of one's self. I will discuss how handwriting and the means you go through to create it can show who you are. Also the experience of creating a new technology will be an influence on this topic. In ?The Art of Science and Handwriting? by Naomi Baron, it was discussed of whether or not we could tell who a person was based on their handwriting. It said that handwriting could be ?an unfailing index ofcharacter, moral and mental, and a criterion by which to judge ofpecularities of taste and sentiment (58).? It's worth pondering that simply by looking at someone's handwriting and their technology that brought it to life can tell you what kind of person they are.

[...] We can use these to see if individualism and creativity are present. This idea of writing being a life form and it's existence relying on the reading relates to everything discussed earlier. It does not matter if the person is alive or dead, their writing and technology used can create a picture of what they were like and truly let them live again. In conclusion, we have looked at ways that a person's writing can be a microscope into their minds. By looking for how [...]

[...] Technology plays a large role in expression and individualism because some things simply cannot be done without it. Technology takes the vision you create on paper and enables you to translate it from text to visual. The outcome of this process is a large reflection on how well the film looks in the end. If a lot of time is spent on it then the outcome will look a lot more professional and your vision may be more clear. Most of the time it really does rely on quality rather than quantity. [...]

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