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Fraud: A night-time adventure leads to more trouble than expected

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  1. Introduction
  2. The night spent at Brent's house
  3. The day after
  4. The feeling received from performing crimes
  5. The imprisonment of Brent Baker
  6. Paying the price for trying to fit in
  7. Conclusion

Adventures in the middle of the night were something I was always very fond of. For the most part they never seemed to get me into much trouble; I just coveted the feeling of being able to sneak out of my house without getting caught. For a fifteen-year-old, it was definitely a thrilling feeling. Once I escaped the thresholds of my house, I would take off running as if I had just robbed a bank, in case my mother had heaved from her bed. Not once did she catch me. I never did anything too extraordinarily rebellious when I secretly left my house. Most of the times I would just take a walk, go to the store, or meet up with some friends who were doing the same thing as I.

[...] I decided to send $200 worth of chicken to her house (ironically enough I became a vegetarian less than two years later). I continued my shopping spree and purchased some things that I might enjoy. After I bought the chicken, I went to a skateboarding site and ordered $500 worth of skateboarding equipment. The feeling I received from performing these crimes was indescribable. What I did was wrong, there was no question about it, but I stupidly thought that there was a chance that I would get away with it. [...]

[...] I knew in the back of my head that it was a bad idea to actually use it, but I held on to it in case I changed my mind. Some of my friends had told me it was a bad idea and I should just get rid of it and other friends told me to use it to see if I got away with it. One of the people I had asked was my good friend Alyssa Johnson. She told me that it would be a bad idea to use it to purchase something, but if I decided to make that poor decision, that I should at least buy something for her. [...]

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