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Life’s Not a Maze, It’s an Obstacle Course

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  1. Introduction
  2. The good luck of Lanval
  3. The obstacles in Lanval's life
    1. Getting challenged by his relationship with those in the kingdom
    2. Growing up in raised in a low income, under educated home
    3. Getting a part time job to pay for a business suit
  4. Greg: Looked at as the bad guy
  5. Classifying the obstacles
  6. Conclusion
  7. Works cited

Life is full of obstacles ? there is no doubt about it. Deciphering why people have certain obstacles and how they can overcome such obstacles is often just as burdening as the obstacles themselves. It is evident everywhere that people are struggling with their obstacles. From books, to movies, to everyday interaction, people are constantly being challenged to overcome. Marie De France's ?Lanval,? the hard life of an underprivileged child, and a CBS sitcom all relate this idea, that life is full of obstacles.

[...] He gets a job with a great company. He gets married. He has kids. He does it right. His parents never cared what happened to him. They were drunk half of the time, and stayed gone the other half. They never came to his football games; they never came to his concerts or award ceremonies. They missed his graduation from high school and from college. They missed his wedding. They missed his life. How can Roger overcome his obstacles? With the help of a caring community, a child like this can survive. [...]

[...] Because Lanval vowed to keep their relationship a secret, his lover will not respond to his desperate cries for her help. his room alone he languished, Sadly thoughtful, madly anguished; Time after time he called her name, But his dear friend never came? (De France XXX). While the jury of men decides on Lanval's fate, his dear lover's maids come into town, two at a time. Each time new girls arrive, Lanval explains that none of them are his lover, yet the knights are so overcome by the maids' beauty that they must start over in judging Lanval. [...]

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