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Masculinity in The Woman in White

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  1. Introduction
  2. Wilkie Collins as one of the highest paid novelists of his time
  3. The Victorian time period and The Woman in White
  4. The Women in White as a 'sensation novel'
  5. Marian's relationship with the character Walter Hartright
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

The novel, The Woman in White, ?seeks to revise recent accounts of the model of male identity posited by the first sensation novel?(Ablow, Par. 4). In The Woman in White, the author, Wilkie Collins, presents masculinity through the character of Marian Holcombe at a time when femininity was a favorable trait in women. Marian's sister, Laura, is another female character in the book that is semi-independent. Marian, who is essentially the main character in the story, possesses masculine traits that make her different from not only the other women in the story, but women of society as well. Marian is a conqueror, never afraid to tackle a problem or stand up to a man. To understand what makes up the traits of the characters, it is important to understand the author.

[...] I believe that since women did not work, it set the tone that they could not accomplish certain tasks on their own. The Women in White was a ?sensation novel? which is a form of a mystery novel popular in the 1860's. Sensation novels were from the Victorian time period which features dramatic and thrilling events. The general plot of the story is often conspiracies, hidden secrets, and crimes. There are several characteristics that make this story a sensation fiction novel. Sensation novels often ?victimize naïve young people, by older, more experienced criminals? (Grost, par. [...]

[...] ?Good Vibrations: The Sensationalization of Masculinity in The Woman in White.? A Forum in Fiction Spring 2004: 158. Academic Search Premier. EBSCOhost. A. Pierre Guillermin, Lynchburg, VA March 2006 . Path: EbscoHost; The Woman in White; Good Vibrations: The Sensationalization of Masculinity in The Woman in White. Breen, Katie. ?Nineteen-Century Family Life.? Charlotte's Web . Introduction Thesis In The Woman in White, the author Wilkie Collins presents masculinity through Marian Holcombe at a time when femininity was a favorable trait in women. [...]

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