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  1. Introduction
  2. The early life of Amanda Wingfield
  3. Her conflict with Tom
  4. Amanda's conflict with her daughter
  5. Feeling sorry for Laura
  6. Conclusion
  7. Works cited

Webster defines ?mother? as ?a female parent.? While in some cases that may be all there is to a mother, more commonly, a mother has many more qualities than simply being ?a female parent.? One mother in particular who has an array of qualities is Amanda Wingfield. Amanda is the mother of Tom and Laura Wingfield in Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie. Amanda is the primary character in Williams' play, because her actions and opinions shape all of the events in the play.

[...] This causes a final argument between Amanda and Tom the breaking point that causes Tom to leave his mother and sister behind for good. The gentleman caller has made an early departure. What a wonderful joke you played on us! How do you mean? You didn't mention that he was engaged to be married. Jim? Engaged? That's what he just informed us. I'll be jiggered! I Didn't know about that. That seems very peculiar. What's peculiar about it? Didn't you call him your best friend down at the warehouse? [...]

[...] I like a lot of adventure. (44-45) Down at the warehouse, aren't there some nice young men? No! There must be some Mother Find out one that's clean-living doesn't drink and ask him out for sister! What? For sister! To meet! Get acquainted! Oh, my go-osh! Will you? Will you? Will you, dear? Yes! 47) Throughout the play, all of these different conflicts between he and Amanda eventually cause him to leave home. Amanda also has much conflict with her daughter, Laura. [...]

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