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Plan B Sounds Good to Me

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  1. Introduction
  2. Problems that are extremely real
  3. Hurricane Katrina and evacuation in New Orleans
  4. A Throwaway society
  5. Conclusion

Lester Brown's book, Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble, touches base with most of, if not all of, the issues that are threatening our planets modern living style. The book aptly named, giving a second plan, one that differs from how civilization is currently being run world-wide to rescue the planet from physical and economic stress, and to save the people who are a part of this. There are many problems listed in this book and many solutions to them. The questions though, are the answers to the solutions feasible and easy enough to carry through? Maybe, maybe not. At least Brown has set up the framework for something to happen in the future to solve these problems. The biggest problem with getting these solutions to work seems to be economic though.

[...] The table of contents is probably one of the easiest to read around. He broke every issue up very well. He addressed the problems in Part 1 of the book, A Civilization in Trouble, and in those chapters gave examples and problems that illustrated his point very well. The next part of his book, The Response-Plan lists solutions for solving or at least curbing all of the problems listed and detailed in the first section of the book. The final section of the book, An Exciting New Option, makes plans for the future, with one chapter actually named similarly to that, and for building a new economy (that is the actual title) of one of the chapters. [...]

[...] With all the people on the planet, most of them need to travel to get to their jobs or heat their homes, which explains the pace at which oil is being used, but true there are few plans for survival after peak oil has been hit. But because the amount of oil being used does more than just future problems for after its end, all of the oil is being burned off into the atmosphere which is contributing to air pollution and greenhouses gases, and the greenhouse effect and rising temperatures which result in the melting of ice caps, which could cause flooding and less land for people to live on. [...]

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