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Scream: A Gendered Autobiography

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  1. Introduction
  2. Economy and technology as universal terms
  3. Afghanistan and an industrialized economy
  4. Senior year: The greatest years of my life
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

One cannot discuss the concepts of gender without looking at the various frameworks in which it exists. In Paradoxes of Gender, Judith Lorber states that gender is ?a process of social construction, a system of social stratification, and an institution that structures every aspect of our lives because of its embeddedness in the family, the workplace, and the state, as well as in sexuality, language, and culture? (Lorber 5). But gender is more than an institution; it is an institution governed by an institution. And this institution is globalization. Not only is economy a direct reflection of a country's mindset and intent, but it is also alters gender roles and restructures gender hierarchies. It has the both the power to build gender relations and the power to destroy them.

[...] A detrimental lie thrives in the economic core, a false belief that globalization is the universal solvent to the problems of the world. ?Since the second World War, development . has been seen by many as the one over-arching solution to poverty and inequality around the world,? but the reality of industrialization is a nightmare for many women in underdeveloped countries (Gajjala and Mamidipudi 9). Economy and society are two entirely separate entities, and although many Western nations are under the impression that bettering the economy is bettering the society as well, the two exist in a balance that is easily upset. [...]

[...] I am still proud of whom I am as a gendered individual, and that my friends will always be stronger than my enemies, even if my enemies are those I live with. I cannot honestly say if my roommates have an issue with my sexuality, but I know they have an issue with my gender, or lack there of. They are much like the faces that scorned me so freshman year. They want to shop, they want to look for boys, and they want to get drunk and go clubbing and get laid. [...]

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