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  1. Introduction
  2. Count Dracula and his three female vampires
  3. The book Salem's Lot
  4. The search for knowledge in Dracula and Salem's Lot
  5. Anne Rice's book Interview With the Vampire
  6. Conclusion

Through the evolution of the vampire novel, the search for knowledge and information remains a unifying theme that characterizes the genre. In Bram Stoker's Dracula, Stephen King's Salem's Lot, and Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, this quest for understanding about vampires and their origin serves to propel the stories forward. Each of these novels, however, approaches this quest for knowledge in a different light.

[...] The search was over, and Louis had to be appeased with his return to New Orleans. In the novels Dracula, Salem's Lot, and Interview With the Vampire, the theme of the quest is prevalent in each work. The differences lie in the type of quest that is the main focus of each novel. Dracula and Salem's Lot are concerned with a search for knowledge of destruction. The character's Mina, good scouts,? Mark, and Ben are seeking information on how to destroy the vampires and find peace and comfort in the destruction of the [...]

[...] While the question of the origin of the vampire is not overtly addressed in Dracula, the question does remain of how all vampires can be accounted for. Though Mina and good scouts? think that they have rid the world of the evil of the vampires, doubt ligers. The idea of the undead and uncontainable evil propels this novel. The audience now questions whether the vampires have all truly been destroyed or have only a select few been tracked down. Written over 75 years later, Salem's Lot investigates a similar question in regard to the vampire. [...]

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