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Travel Magazines: What Readers Want

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  1. Introduction
  2. Target audience
  3. American Express Publishing's Travel + Leisure
  4. The difference between NGT and Travel + Leisure
  5. Conclusion

The retail industry is flooded with products and services, all vying for market share and revenue. In order to succeed, the different firms must carefully understand and analyze the market they are in. They must ask questions about their rivals and the structure of the industry, as well as make decisions regarding pricing and non-pricing strategies. FranklinCovey is a firm that sells planning systems for mostly business professionals, in the market of planners/organizers. They compete with other well-known brands such as At-a-Glance and DayRunner, yet there are characteristics that set them apart. During my observation of this firm, I came across distinctive elements of the industry and its overall structure, and made note of their various pricing and non-pricing strategies.

[...] Rather, it focuses on destinations that are more practical for its audience. Though Budget Travel's emphasis is on travel for leisure, its articles are often more thoughtful and culturally aware than those in T+L. It even contains a regular section titled ?Trips That Can Change Your Each of these magazines is successful because they know their readers and give them what they want. National Geographic Traveler serves readers who want to travel responsibly while learning about the world around them. Travel + Leisure serves more trendy [...]

[...] Travel Magazines: What Readers Want The content of a magazine is often built around what the editors think the target audience wants to read. Knowledge of what type of content the readers want is imperative to the success of any magazine. Within the same category of magazines, many different titles can survive if they target different audiences. For instance, the popular travel magazines National Geographic Traveler, Budget Travel, and Travel + Leisure are all successful because they have managed to tailor their content to suit their respective audiences. [...]

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