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Creative rebels without a cause

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  1. Introduction
  2. Chronicles: Bob Dylan's autobiography
  3. The action-based understanding of the word
  4. The politicized atmosphere
  5. The OJ Simpson kind of affair
  6. The day-to-day issues
  7. Dylans and Rimbauds
  8. The god-like status in public culture
  9. Rimbaud's final years
  10. Conclusion

Rimbaud once said that creativity is the greatest form of rebellion, a sentiment that I mostly agree with, and can completely understand after having read some of his poetry. There is a strong vitality to his work, an intensity and dissatisfaction that draws the reader in and communicates Rimbaud's feelings of nearly universal disgust. It seems that he sees a general sickness in the world, a corruption in human society, in its cities and lifestyles, altogether a frighteningly bleak vision of rampant materialism and corrupted morals. But the poet never even attempts to come up with an alternative. Last year I read Bob Dylan's recently published autobiography Chronicles and he and Rimbaud seem to be kindred spirits in a lot of ways.

[...] to fame, almost everything popular was examined and assigned to a political and when listening to some of Dylan's songs one can easily see why so many left-wing radicals made the mistake of assigning him to their side. His hit single ?Hurricane? serves as a good example. ?Hurricane? tells the story of the African American boxer Hurricane Carter who was wrongly imprisoned for the murder of a white couple. This song was released during the height of the black militant, Civil Rights fervor that was sweeping parts of the country and dominating headlines, and Carter's experience carries heavy significance for American race relations. [...]

[...] Their artwork carries so much weight and potential that had they been able to decide where their allegiance lies, where they felt their conscious application could move the world for the better, I have no doubt that they could have left an indelible mark on many people's lives, instead of on the all-time record for album sales or the disaffected urban intellectual's book collection. Arthur Rimbaud and Bob Dylan had discovered their immense talent and their creative ability at a very young age, but they didn't take the next step: in Rimbaud's case articulating what it is he dislikes about European society and deciding how it is possible to change it, and in [...]

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