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Death Of A Salesman, Arthur Miller, Willy's portrait

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  1. At various point in the play, Willy appears to be a sympathetic and endearing character
  2. On the other side, we can't deny that he has a sizeable part of responsibilities in his current situation

We present the review of a play that is based on the life, the personality and the state of mind of Willy Loman, a sixty-year-old salesman from New York. The play shows the protagonist beginning to lose his grip on reality and has difficulty in making ends meet. He has a complex personality: at first, he appears depressing, troubled and exhausted in the present whereas we discover a vigorous, confident and happy man in the flashback. Besides, he shows a changing behavior towards the members of his family because he is sometimes irritated, curt and detached and later kind, supporting and full of hope. His multifaceted personality and his past and present choices make him appear as a sympathetic character that doesn't deserve what happens to him and on the contrary is seen as a pathetic dreamer who is totally responsible for the financial and psychological issues of his family.

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