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The Hybrid Car Phenomenon

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  1. Overview of the ' green ' phenomenon
    1. Ecological trend
    2. Japan : precursor of the eco-car
    3. The ecological car sector in the western
  2. Reasons of the evolution
    1. Environmental reasons
    2. Political reasons
    3. Regulation reasons
  3. The western's development strategy
    1. Analysis
    2. Strategies of market penetration
    3. The choice of Japanese companies
  4. Tomorrow's perspective
    1. Hybrid terms
    2. Other hybrid technologies

With the rise in oil prices and the high-profile launch of the Toyota Prius in Europe, the hybrid has gained an unexpected notoriety, even though its operation is often poorly understood. It appears that hybridization is probably a key technology in the medium and long term. Indeed, the question of the impact of the car on the environment has become important in our society and all the car manufacturers, whether in the East or West, know that they, currently, have to offer cars which can at once please the consumer and comply with the laws on the environment. What exactly is a hybrid car? By definition, a hybrid car is a car that uses electricity and gasoline as fuel. It is equipped with a gasoline engine and an electric motor that takes over while driving and braking. The electric motor transforms the kinetic energy of the car into electricity.

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