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Business model: concession of ecological cars

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  1. Introduction
  2. The reasons for the Irish "no"
    1. The context of the referendum
    2. The reasons for the rejection
  3. The ways out of the crisis
    1. How did the crisis happen?
    2. What to do now?

Our business is to own a car dealership on the site of the city of Marseille for better visibility. However, this has posed problems of storage since we have no plans yet to acquire a large space for stocks owing to consistent pricing issues and logistics. We imagine therefore that the rental or purchase of a larger space in downtown will be able to display our collection of environmentally friendly vehicles (between 5 and 8 cars) and a small stock run lean which should answer the emerging demand (the purchase of a storage space outside the city depend on the evolution of demand). This is a significant investment but in the medium term, it can be very profitable. One may even consider seeking aid for the region to help us finance our eco-friendly project. It is therefore necessary as and when the manufacturers of vehicles have passed. Staff will be limited to a few vendors, a marketing manager, and an accountant, responsible for relations with manufacturers (Procurement Section). Our company does not count for R & D. However, we must constantly keep us informed of developments and innovations taking place in the market for environmentally friendly cars in order to amend the offer we offer our clients.

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