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Assessment of the Conference of Copenhagen

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  1. Introduction
  2. The reasons for the Irish "no"
    1. The context of the referendum
    2. The reasons for the rejection
  3. The ways out of the crisis
    1. How did the crisis happen?
    2. What to do now?

Supported by developing countries, African countries have left the negotiating table on the fight against global warming on December 14, 2009. They accused the rich countries of neglecting the importance of renewal of their commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. One of the many events that took place during the Copenhagen summit is referred here. The conference was held from December 7 to 18, 2009 in Denmark.

The Copenhagen summit is a meeting that could be described as historic, since more than one hundred heads of state made to the trip. This is the first time that such a meeting was organized for the climate. Around 15 000 people had agreed to enter the place of negotiation. The Summit received tremendous media coverage. Did the Copenhagen summit respond to climate issues?

This is not a treaty or even a binding agreement. The objective sought by scientists to contain global warming below 2 compared to the pre-industrial levels that is accompanied by any warranty. The ambition of 50% reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050 is not mentioned. By 31 January, industrialized countries should simply disclose their emissions reduction targets by 2020 and developing countries will announce the actions they intend to implement to reduce theirs.

China and the United States were designated as primarily responsible for the failure of the summit because they do not want a concrete commitment on encrypted databases. Despite some efforts in terms of green technology powers the two to just want to serve their interests.

Tags: Assessment of the Conference of Copenhagen; climate issues; the Kyoto Protocol; containing global warming;

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