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Civilian nuclear power: is it beneficial or harmful?

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Discovered during1940s nuclear power has revolutionized the science and art of the twentieth century. Primarily used for military purposes (atomic bombs), nuclear power now produces one sixth of the electricity consumed in the world, one third of that consumed in Europe and three quarters of French consumption. The first national park of nuclear power plants is that of the United States with 104 nuclear reactors that generates power of 99 GW, then comes that in France with 58 nuclear reactors that generates power of 63 GW. Worldwide, there are about 443 nuclear reactors. In France today, there are 19 nuclear plants, including 7 under decommissioning and a plant under construction at Flamanville and plant which are currently planned. France is the country that is most dependent on nuclear power; in fact 78% of its electricity produced is from nuclear power. A nuclear power plant generates electricity using heat from the fission of uranium atoms. This heat converts water into steam and water rotates a turbine connected to a generator that produces electricity. Lighting, heating, cooking, transportation, information technology, health etc, requires electricity and it is now present in all the activities of daily living. In France, this electricity is generated from nuclear power plants that produce nuclear energy.

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