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Clean Energy: a panacea?

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the greenhouse effect?
  3. The determining factors
  4. The heat wave in summers, is it actually due to the greenhouse effect?
  5. Will this phenomenon happen again?
  6. Conclusion

What energy will we have in the future? Today, 87% of the energy used still comes from non-renewable sources (fossil fuels such as oil, gas, uranium, coal). The share of renewable fuels has risen to 13 %. Renewable energy is an inexhaustible energy, supplied by the sun, wind, heat from the earth, rivers, sea, hydrogen or plants. However, all these energies are not renewable clean energy. Some result in the release of pollutants into the biosphere or generate waste. They are not, by definition, regarded as clean energy. Poor in fossil fuels, some countries have already chosen another energy balance, such as Iceland, which produced 86% of its electricity from clean energy sources (geothermal). The sensitivity of a State to the preservation of the environment with agreements like the Kyoto Protocol, show a genuine willingness to act depending on the economic climate in the country and its energy resources. Indeed, countries prefer to develop sources giving them some energy independence. Thus, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq have instead opted for oil while France has preferred nuclear energy and water, and Denmark has turned to wind power. Can clean energy replace the current fossil energy sources? We will answer this question by reflecting on the current and future influence on their growth and then by developing different sources of clean energy, their extraction mechanisms and their various advantages and constraints. Finally, we will study examples of their uses.

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