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Ecological Nature of the Problem of acid rain

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  1. Reviewing the basics of acid rain.
  2. Considering the specific impact that acid rain has had on the global environment.
  3. Possible Solutions.
  4. Reviewing policies that have been enacted on both the national and international level.

Over the course of the last several decades, notable environmental problems have come to the attention of policymakers. Chief among these issues has been the problem of acid rain. Although many governments have argued that they are not responsible for the production of acid rain in the global environment, one only needs to consider how this process occurs to understand that all industrialized or industrializing nations are involved in the process of acid rain productions to some degree. Using this as a basis for inquiry, this portion of the investigation considers the ecological nature of acid rain and the ramifications that this process has on the development of the global environment.

[...] However, countries such as the United States became angered when they found that developing nations such as China and India?who are currently the largest producers of greenhouse gases?would not be required to make any reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (Watts, 2005). The Kyoto protocol was structured as a means to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions while still allowing developing nations is the freedom needed to ensure economic stability. Countries such as the United States that chose to back out of the Kyoto agreements argued that this process simply was not fair to all countries involved. [...]

[...] Clearly, the process of imposing trade sanctions on developing nations such as China and India carries with it a number of foreign-policy implications. However, if steps are not taken to improve the global environment it is possible that every individual in the global community will suffer the ill effects of environmental degradation. References Acid rain. (2005). Environmental Protection Agency. Accessed December at: This website includes an overview of how acid rain develops. It includes graphical representations of information to increase understanding. Human health. (2005). [...]

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