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Economic growth or environmental conservation: Which one should we choose?

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  1. Introduction
  2. A potential economic and ecological importance
    1. A possible flexibility of the treaty for a future operation?
    2. Climatic upheaval with multiple outcomes
  3. Towards recognition of indigenous peoples
  4. The Arctic: a military zone that is highly strategic
  5. Conclusion

Although it was relatively unknown about fifty years ago, environmental issues have now become a central concern. Representatives from a hundred and seventy countries will convene at the Copenhagen Conference in December to implement new measures to protect the environment. This move reflects the importance for the need to change our habits. Economic growth, which translates into an increase in the long term production of goods and services of a company was witnessed.

Economic Growth has a number of advantages but is major drawback is the progressive degradation of our environment. This environment includes, both the natural and artificial elements that surround us.

In this paper we will look at the impact of economic growth on the environment and the advantages of economic growth.

We also try to figure out how to reconcile these two issues.

Tags - economic growth, environmental conservation, preservation

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