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Economic and policy issues from the spill : Gulf war oil spill of 1991

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  1. Economic and policy issues from the spill
  2. Public Health Threatened by the Oil Spill

In any oil spill, looking at the economic issues that are raised, the first parameter that is used is the number of gallons of oils that were spilt to measure the loss that was suffered in monetary terms. In the case of the gulf war oil spill of 1991, it caused the loss of millions of gallons of oil that could have been used for a longtime or raised a lot of money for the country. After the spill the American government blamed Iraq for the spill citing as the Gulf Warfare where the Iraqis were using oil as a tactic to fight against American troops. On the other hand Americans were blamed for the loss as the Iraqis asserted that the Americans were looking to cripple their economy through destroying their main source of wealth.

[...] This was therefore a major economic challenge for the Iraqis as they had lost a lot during the war. The resources had to be restored to the baseline state as they looked to change and continue with the mass production of oil that was their main source of wealth. There was a need for a contingency plan after the main oil reserves and the oil spill to ensure that the country was still able to channel enough oil to other reserves (Payne and Sand, 2011). [...]

[...] New York: Novinka Books. Payne, C. R., & Sand, P. H. (2011). Gulf War reparations and the UN Compensation Commission: Environmental liability. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Price, A., & International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. (1994). The 1991 Gulf War: Environmental assessments of IUCN and collaborators. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN in collaboration with WWF, IAEA, and IOC. [...]

[...] Depending on the extent of the spill the areas close to the spill become inhabitable and very dangerous to the people. An oil spill causes a lot of problems for the people surrounding the spill site since majority of the people cannot survive as the lands and the waters become inhabitable. The direct contact however is the most critical in the health of an individual since the people are directly affected by the oil that is spilled (Chiang et al, 2012). [...]

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