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Endangered species of trees

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  1. Introduction.
    1. the topic of endangered species of trees.
    2. Areas where wildlife and plants are richest.
    3. The Wallacea hot spot.
  2. The conifers or softwood species.
    1. The Wollemi Pine and the Dawn Redwood.
    2. Alerce: The Patagonian Cypress.
    3. Monterey Cypress.
    4. Bermuda cedar.
  3. The monocotyledons.
    1. Madagascan palms.
    2. New Caledonian and other island palms.
    3. Continental palms.
  4. The dicotelydons.
    1. South American mahogany.
    2. Brazilian rosewood.
    3. Saint Helena Ebony and the toromiro.
    4. Brazil wood.
    5. Meranti and Balan woods.
  5. Endangered trees mean endangered wildlife.
  6. Conclusion.

Unfortunately the topic of endangered species of trees is a vast one because of the extensive loss of their habitat in most parts of the world and in many cases because of overexploitation. The World Conservation Union's (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Plants, published in 1997, lists almost 34000 species of plants that are now threatened with extinction. That is just over 10% of the total number of plant species in the world. These lists include many species of trees. Red data lists exist for many countries and are catalogs of species where future survival in nature is uncertain. Most threatened species of trees are those of the tropical regions and on oceanic islands, in the tropics because of habitat destruction and because of the enormous diversity and often localized distribution of individual species, and on islands because they tend to have many unique endemic species, but also because of habitat destruction and the introduction of alien invasive species that take the place of the native ?ora.

[...] Many island species around the world have become endangered through the introduction of alien pests and diseases, or even other species of trees such as Eucalyptus, which take over at the expense of the native forest. The Monocotyledons The ?owering plants have generally been divided into two major groups, the monocotyledons and the dicotyledons, based on the number of seed leaves in the embryo. Most of the monocots are narrow-leafed with parallel veins and are herbaceous, but one group, the palms, are secondarily woody and constitute one of the most important components of tropical rainforest. [...]

[...] Many species of trees that were collected and classi?ed during the nineteenth century have not been re-collected in recent times. For example, Roupala thomesiana species of Roupala, a genus of trees whose wood is much used) was collected in the forests of Bahia state by Swiss botanist Jacques Samuel Blanchet in 1833. It has never been seen since the original collection and this is a common feature of Atlantic coastal forest species. Another important hot spot for trees is the Guinean forests of West Africa that extend from Sierra Leone to Cameroon. [...]

[...] Endangered Trees mean Endangered Wildlife Many species of animals are dependent on trees for their existence and so the endangerment of trees also means the endangerment of animals that feed on their leaves, nectar, or fruit, or depend on trees for shelter. In 1992 entomologist Terry Erwin showed that rainforest canopy contains an incredible amount of insect diversity and that much of this is speci?c to individual species of tree. Therefore to lose a species of tree is also a threat to the many species of insects and other organisms that depend upon it for their existence. [...]

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