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Energy security and climate change

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  1. Theoretical Framework
  2. The United States in decline?
  3. Challenging traditional stances
  4. Structural challenge: overcoming the hegemony
  5. The situation in China
  6. Tracks of thought
    1. Conflict
    2. Collapse of China
    3. Comparative Advantage

Since the discovery of important bituminous sand layers in Alberta a few years ago, combined with the high oil prices, the Canadian West was a new economic engine generating the growth continuously. On the other side of the coin is a global context undermined by climate change and the urgent cries of alarm grip on the future of our planet.

This article will present the situation of Canada in regard to energy security, in the context of the climate change. While emphasizing in these two points, the article will endeavor to create bonds with the other countries and their political power.

First, the article extends the problem to a global context by talking about countries like Russia with the increasing convergence of political power and power energy and the strengthening of Russia's strategy for energy security at the expense of the strategy on Climate Change.

Then Britain will be discussed, with the publication of its White Paper on Energy that addresses issues of energy efficiency, security of supply and reducing emissions. The article finally turns to the pillar of foreign policy and international trade of the United States, energy security, and issues of the presidential campaign in 2008 that affect us.

At the national perspective, it is necessary to develop a country strategy for energy self-sufficiency, a plan to reduce emissions of international business strategy on energy, more malleable for Canada.

Tags: Canadian West; energy security; climate change; Canada; White Paper on Energy

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