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Environmental Cluster

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  1. Main Sources and Notebook.
  2. Learning Experience.
  3. Our Future Dilemma.
  4. Solutions for the Dilemma.
  5. More Linking.
  6. Concluding Remarks.

Learning about how to preserve the environment has always been one of my interests, and having a forester as a grandfather encouraged my passion for the environment and animals. A couple years ago, I took a class called Religion and the Earth with Dr. Christopher Bache, and it made me more aware of what humans are doing to the environment. Finding out that the environment is in danger caused me to change my minor from Fashion Merchandising to Environmental Studies. By doing this project I hoped to discover more information explaining what is in store for the environment's future if we continue in our wasteful ways. I wanted to reach a consensus with my materials and acquire more supporting evidence proving an ecological crash could be in the near future if we don't do something fast.

[...] Berry, Thomas. The Great Work. New York: Bell Tower-Random House ?Book Reviews: Renewing the Earth.? The National Catholic Weekly Mar . Clinton, Paul. ?Review: After Tomorrow' a wreck.? 28 May 2004. Mar . The Day After Tomorrow. Dir. Roland Emmerich. Perf. Jake Gyllenhaal, Ian Holm, Dennis Quaid, Sela War, and Emmy Rossum. 20th Century Fox ?Duane Elgin Biography & Resources.? What is Enlightenment? 21 Mar . Elgin, Duane. Promise Ahead: A Vision of Hope and Action for Humanity's Future. [...]

[...] Together these articles reveal the fact that a shift of consciousness is taking effect; although, there are many people who do not comprehend what is happening to the environment. My first image is a current trajectory of the state of the world. It shows that our industrial output is peaking while our natural resources are drastically decreasing. Simultaneously, there is a population, food, and pollution increase before they drastically decline. This image is vital in presenting the fact that we cannot live the same way we do now, otherwise, the world will change for us and accommodate how it sees fit (self- destruction). [...]

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