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Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

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  1. Introduction
  2. The organization's enviornmental setting: The need for improvements of performance and reporting
    1. International environmental treaties and sustainable development initiatives
    2. Degree of compliance
    3. Company relations to governmental environmental administration
    4. What must be reported and How
  3. Environmental Aspects, Enviornmental Reporting
    1. Tools and methods
    2. Main environmental impacts of L'Oreal and The Body Shop
    3. Impacts after production
    4. Ecological effects of the emissions
  4. Enironmental Reporting and Benchmarking
    1. The body Shop's report survey
    2. What is reported in and what issue does the report not deal with?
    3. Information on a company provided by performances indicators
    4. How a company can perform in order to improve the ranking of a country
    5. Methods that are not connected to a specific ranking index
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

The Nobel-winning IPCC group of climate scientists on Saturday the 17th, 2007 issued their starkest warning yet on global warming. Global warming bore the seeds of "catastrophe" yet there was also hope, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon emphasized. Nonetheless "There are real and affordable ways to deal with climate change."1In this context, more and more organizations are now opting and adopting new environmental management systems so as decrease (or at least maintain) their environmental load.

[...] Even if the environmental and social aspects are reported quite thoroughly there is no information concerning human rights performance indicator, society performance indicators and product responsibility indicators. To conclude L'Oreal's sustainable development report complies only partially with the GRI recommendations What issue does the report not deal with and how L'Oreal should develop its reporting? As we have seen in the previous paragraph L'Oreal's sustainable development report is not fully thorough. Indeed some GRI indicators are only partially fulfilled whereas some of them are slightly depicted (human right performance, society performance, product responsibility). [...]

[...] Figure performance indicators 42 In the report, The Body Shop's economic, environmental and social aspects are evoked as long as its vision, strategies and values. For instance a commentary issued by an employee of L'Oreal explains to consumers that its company does not want to corrupt the values of The Body Shop but instead to preserve and nurture them to benefit all. Source: Magerholm Fet, A. Lecture notes: Environmental management and CRS; EMS and CSR performance indicators and reporting, p TIØ Fall 2007 Project Assignment Another commentary is also given by The Body Shop Stakeholder Panel concerning all the values of the company. [...]

[...] Are as many issues that will be raised and answered in this report whose aim is to give an account as thorough and up to date as possible on what the situation is regarding environmental management and corporate and social responsibility (CSR). Throughout all the points that are going to be evoked it will be illustrated by two real case companies we have chosen L'Oreal and The Body Shop. In a first time we will brought up an organization's environmental setting. [...]

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