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Global warming

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  1. Ocean acidity.
  2. Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration.
  3. Process of ocean acidification.
  4. The effect of acidification in the Pacific region.
  5. Recomendations.

Recently, global warming has gained massive attention due to the documentary . An inconvenient truth presented by former Vice-President of the United States Al Gore. The National Academy of Sciences reported that ?gases are accumulating in Earth's atmosphere as a result of human activities, causing surface air temperatures and subsurface ocean temperatures to rise". However, there is another pressing issue in corollary with global warming that must be attended to by world leaders ? increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide resulting to ocean acidification. Sponberg expressed his disturbing concern for the issue.

[...] However, even at this period of time, many studies on acidification on the Pacific Region is being aggressively done in order to contain the potential crisis. THE EFFECT OF ACIDIFICATION IN THE PACIFIC REGION In studying development, the more interesting part is actually ?underdevelopment? which is simply the other side of the coin. Most countries categorized as underdeveloped are sensitive to external changes whether that change is political, social, or economic. In studying the effect of ocean acidification, one cannot help ask the question: What would happen to poorer countries that would be severely affected by this phenomenon? [...]

[...] We recommend that a major, internationally coordinated effort be launched to include global monitoring, experimental, mesocosm and field studies . The impacts of ocean acidification are additional to, and may exacerbate, the effects of climate change. For this reason, the necessary funding should be additional and must not be diverted from research into climate change.[x] We are all involved in this .We are part of the problem and must become part of the solution as well. WORKS CITED Author Unavailable. [...]

[...] activities will indirectly kill the ocean in a not so distant future by making it very acidic. Some examples of anthropogenic activities include air pollution, water pollution, burning of fossil fuels, slash-and-burn methods of farming, vehicular air pollution, and other human activities that pollute the air, land, and water. Furthermore, an article in Oceanus stated that: Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are already 30 percent higher than just a couple of centuries ago. Most climate models project that they will reach 2 to 3.5 times pre-industrial levels by the end of this century unless dramatic steps are taken to reduce CO2 emissions(Downey and Levine, 2006)[ii] The rate of accumulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide has progressively increased more than any other time in history. [...]

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