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Industrial Air Pollution: Effects and Efforts to Contain

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  1. Much of our industry is characterized by an enormous dependence
  2. One of the EPA's most influential accomplishments
  3. The formation of the EPA helped alert the nation to the reality of air quality
  4. The provisions of the CAA emphasized the need for improved technology to clean up emission sources
  5. In 1990, the EPA revisited the CAA
  6. The 1990 revisions demonstrated America's changing priorities
  7. In 2003, the EPA made another determined attempt to improve air quality
  8. Criteria air pollutants have taken a significant and irreversible toll on America's health

As a capitalist nation, we are constantly seeking to foster the growth of our economy and overall development. Our industrious nature has led to an industrial presence that makes the burning of fossil fuels our pinnacle source of energy, and a requirement for fueling our economic stability. Power plants and all other industrial sites employing smokestacks, have had an incredible impact on the capability of our economy, yet they have been effective at more than just energy production. Through the burning of fossil fuels, the rise of industry has generated the epiphany of air quality control. Industrial air emissions have been and continue to be a pervasive threat to our nation's health that cannot be justified by their economic benefits. Much of our industry is characterized by an enormous dependence on combustion-related energy sources. Paper product manufacturing, for example, rely heavily on the smokestack design for effectiveness. Power plants are the model representation of converting fossil fuel energy resources into electricity on a large scale.

[...] 21st century environment and air quality influences on asthma.? Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine. Jan 1999: Vol No pg 21. ?Milestones in Air Pollution History.? American Lung Association of California. Oakland: Mar 2005. . Mindell, J and M Joffe. ?Predicted health impacts of urban air quality management.? J. Epidemiology. Community Health. 2004: Vol 58, Iss pg 103- 113. Morandi, Larry. ?Clearing the Air.? State Legislatures. Feb 2004: Vol 30, Iss pg 30. process may eliminate hazards of burning sulfur fuels.? Industrial Engineering. [...]

[...] The Air Quality Control Act was the first step in the United States' battle to ensure all Americans equal health and environmental protection from air pollution. One of the EPA's most influential accomplishments has been to illustrate the specific components of air pollution. Their guidelines have provided a clear avenue in which to focus and quantify pollution efforts. Of most importance are the EPA's six criteria air pollutants, selected for their dynamic effects on environment and health. Probably the most consistently prevalent is carbon monoxide released from the burning of oil, gas and coal, with automobile exhaust being its prime facilitator. [...]

[...] The disconnect that spans over statewide efforts lends a promising tone to the future of air quality, but it still deters from the overarching goal of the EPA, which is to provide all citizens with equal and acceptable levels of air quality. In 2003, the EPA made another determined attempt to improve air quality by proposing the Clear Skies Act. In this initiative, the EPA builds on their and trade? system from the 1990 CAA, which promoted companies to buy into pollution emissions similar to a pollution stock market. [...]

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