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Investigative Report on Climate Change: The actions of the Australian Government

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  1. Introduction
  2. Australian annual mean temperature anomalies
  3. Australia's natural environment
  4. Who is involved in addressing the issue?
  5. How is the Labor Party addressing the issue?
  6. How is the Liberal Party addressing the issue?
  7. What are the main sources of information?
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

This report explores the recent issue of climate change. It will outline the key elements that make climate change an important issue politically. It will focus on how the issue of climate change is being addressed by both the Australian Labor and Liberal Parties.Climate Change has recently become an important issue for the Australian community. For many years, scientists have gone to great lengths to express the impending threat of climate change. These attempts have mostly been unnoticed by the population but recently the real dangers of climate change have become a serious issue for the community

[...] The government is now starting to address this issue as the public becomes increasingly concerned and great importance has placed on areas such as the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology and models of prediction that they produce. expect climate change to affect all Australians. It is the Bureau's responsibility to provide decision makers and the general public with accurate observations and information about our changing climate." Dr. Geoff Love, Director of Meteorology[3]. It can be said with certainty that the problems of climate change are very important to the Australian community and have a high place on Australia's political agenda Who is involved in addressing the issue? [...]

[...] The issue of climate change involves the following government departments: Department of the Environment and Water Resources Bureau of Meteorology Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Climate Change, represents Liberal Party's views on climate change and there is the Shadow Minister, Peter Garrett, who is representing the Labor Party's views on the subject. From a scientific point of view, there are several scientists and organisations that contribute information as well as monitor the issue. The most prominent information was gathered from the Stern Report which established a strong link between the world economy and the effects of climate change. [...]

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