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Manix - environmental analysis: Objectives and strategy formulation

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  1. External analysis
    1. The PEST analysis.
    2. The Porter analysis.
    3. Key factors.
    4. Formulation of OT.
  2. Internal analysis.
    1. The SW analysis.
    2. Weaknesses.
  3. Objectives.
  4. Strategy.
  5. Bibliography.

Manix is a brand belonging to Ansell, a company operating in three business segments (professional health care division, consumer health care gloves and occupational division for gloves and clothing worn for protection). Manix is developed in the consumer health care division, which also supplies sexual health products. To fit to consumers needs, Manix created three product lines: Natural Sensation line, New Sensations line, and Bien-Etre. Moreover, Manix is the challenger of Durex in the French market (Durex has a 35 % market share; Manix 26 %) and is followed by Intimy (10 % market share). A study of the internal and external environments of Manix will be discussed in this report, in order to define the objectives and the strategy which will be followed. The external analysis will help us to understand Manix's environment, and its industry (sexual health products). By this way, we will be able to comprehend some of the choices Manix made, as well as its marketing opportunity and environmental threats.

[...] sustainable competitive Negative image of condom advantages Rubber as commodity available in Instability on the super and Asia hypermarket distribution network No control of their price Relation with the health sector Competition between Manix and Tiny communication budget Durex Strategy of communication Some problems with the Low prices of smaller competitor slot-machine Substituable products distribution network After having evaluating Manix's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we can now develop the objectives to reach Objectives The main objectives Manix should choose (hierarchically, from the most to the least important) are as follows: - manage to become the leader on the French market by increasing their market share by at least. [...]

[...] Thus manufacturers have to prove a certain level of quality and a compatibility with others products such as lubricants. An additional norm can be obtained by manufacturers, which is the European Community. This stamp is a further evidence of safety and quality commitment but is not compulsory. Manufacturers have also to be in conformity with ISO 9002, EN 46002 and EN 600 norm standards. It implies that each product requires to be controlled inside the factory and that LNE (Notional Laboratory of Essays) checks periodically its production process. [...]

[...] -Doctors and pharmacists -Negative image of condom confidence -AIDS fear -Rubber as commodity available in Asia -Prevent pregnancy and -No control of their price STD -Slot machine and -Competition between Manix internet as a and Durex Strategy of distribution network communication -Differentiation by the -Low prices of smaller communication means competitor -Strategy based on -Substituable products innovation from Manix and Durex 2. Internal analysis The analysis of the key macro environment and microenvironment forces of Manix will help us to understand the importance of each element of Manix's internal strategy. [...]

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