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Should the United States consider increasing their use of renewable energy or not?

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The United States (U.S) use both renewable and non-renewable energy. According to Gielen, Saygin & Wagner (2015), in 2015, United States Energy consumption were:Coal-33%, Natural Gas-33%, Nuclear-20%, Hydropower-6%, Other renewables-7%, Biomass-1.6%, Geothermal-0.4%, Solar-0.6%, Wind-4.7%, Petroleum-1% and other gases-1%. Further in 2014, renewable energy sources accounted for 14.3%. The energy sources used depend on cost, availability, legislation, and sustainability of the energy sources. In the U.S, hydropower is the biggest energy source while geothermal is the least. In the recent years, there has been a rise in global warming that has led to the international community asking countries/states/nations to consider environmental safety and pollution effects in choosing the energy type they use.

[...] The U.S should increase its use of renewable energy because of the health, environmental and climate benefits it comes with. As we have come to know from our discussion, United States has the potential and capacity of getting over 80% of its energy from renewable sources. If renewable energy is used, it will not only benefit the U.S but also the rest of the world especially now that there is no real physical separation of countries' atmospheres. Apart from the U.S, there is dire need for the rest of the world to enact policies/laws to support use of renewable energy, to inspire individuals, investors, innovators to embrace and use renewable energies. [...]

[...] Saygin D. & Wagner N. (2015). Renewable Energy Prospects: United States of America. Remap 2030 analysis. Diesendorf M. (2013). Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change. Kensington, Australia : UNSW Press. [...]

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